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21 year old writer from Te Whanganui-a-Tara 

Indian Spices Starter Kit — Salient Magazine

So you want to get into authentic Indian cooking, but you have no idea where to start? Mum and I have got your back. We present to you our Indian spices starter kit. A breakdown of the pantry essentials you need to cook up a South Asian storm. Investing in a wide array of spices may seem like a big commitment, but that’s exactly how Indian households function. We don’t buy small quantities of a certain spice for a specific dish. Instead, they are all available on hand as staples, and different

If you were a bird, what bird would you be? — Salient Magazine

My favourite question to ask people is “if you were a bird, what bird would you be?” No one sees it coming, but many get invested in introspectively finding an answer. “I would be a kererū, cos they’re chunky and drunk like me.” “A kea for sure, they’re quite smart but also really funny.” “I’d have to be a tūī. You can hear them from a mile away and immediately recognise their voice. And they’re usually around, you know exactly where to find them.” I’m always pleasantly surprised at how many

The Joys of Subtle Curry Dating — Salient Magazine

To date an Indian boy, or to not date an Indian boy? That is the question. This dilemma had plagued Tanya and I for all our lives. We were both born in India but brought up in New Zealand, and the cultural blend was difficult to navigate. After finishing our first year at university, we reunited at a puja over the summer, only to discover we had also successfully remained single for this entire time. Tanya grabbed us a plate of food, and we sat cross-legged on the floor, out of earshot of pryi

A Faithful and a First-timer Take on the Footy —

Experience: watched 200+ Warriors games, cried approx 30 times (Still not over the 2011 Grand Final), and played 40 minutes of preseason for Victoria Hunters Rugby League Club. I’ve had a strong feeling for a while now that this year is going to be the Warriors’ year. On Saturday, 13 March, I could not have been more excited to settle in and tune into the home of rugby league, Sky Sports 4. With a crisp Lion Red in hand, we were all set to watch the Warriors’ first game of the NRL season, again

Vic and Tinder, sitting in a tree — Salient Magazine

500 Vic students were surveyed about their experiences on Tinder. The results are in. I formulated an online survey to investigate our student body’s dating habits on Tinder. The survey consisted of multi-choice and open-ended questions, and in a few hours it was filled out by a whopping 500 students. Let’s start by discussing the demographics. 70% of the respondents were female, 27% were male, and 3% were gender diverse. 63% of respondents were straight, 26% were bisexual, 6% were gay, and 5%

The Ins and Outs of Vaginismus — Salient Magazine

Like most born with a vagina, I assumed mine would do everything it was supposed to. Bleed, open wide for the male girth, and even wider for a watermelon-sized human to someday exit my body. I took my vag for granted. A rookie mistake—turns out, I have vaginismus. While it sounds like a dinosaur name or someone trying to say the word ‘vagina’ with their mouth full, vaginismus is a medical condition. It means the muscles on the pelvic floor and around the vaginal entrance involuntarily tighten,

Micro Influencer: Explained with @bruhrelia —

One of my local favourite accounts is @bruhrelia, which is run by Eli. Eli is a non-binary 19-year-old from Auckland who has 28,000 followers on Instagram. They first blew up on the app for their bold makeup looks, but have since stayed popular for their unfiltered hot takes, hilarious oversharing, and undeniable thirst traps. I paid Eli a visit at the end of 2020, back when they used to live in Wellington, to discuss all things social media. Articulate and chaotic, glamorous yet disheveled, I

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